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The Modern Biker going a different path

Over the last few decade the moderbiker has been trying to find the way God is leading me. I’ve done so through my studies at Tabor, family life, Comapdres CMC and by being part of local churches. Ive preached, taught, led large and small groups, Ive inspired and disappointed, Ive healed and hurt people. Most of all I have learned if you doing it all.. in the end you doing nothing at all…

So were form here? I have decided to combine all the things I am passioned about , all my skills and experiences in one ministry. I will be rebranding my social media presence and this website so keep an eye out.

First of all if you are a small congregation… having a hard time finding the right people to help with A/V ministry and you are located in South Australia.. Don not!! delay and contact me asap to see if it is something I can help you out with… free of charge…

Some of you reading this may feel called to mentor and walk with me in this journey than please contact me. I can help you in return by offering my skills in a/v and cross-cultural Glocal (global/Local) ministry.

So who am I? Most passioned about cross-cultural ministry, my life, my marriage and most of my friends through out my life have been from different cultures, to equip myself and gain a deeper understanding of how God is at work in all nation I’ve been hanging around Tabor college since 2012. After graduating in a diploma of Theology I decided to focus and specialise in contextualised mission and cross-cultural work. Hoping to graduate for my BIS in the next 2 years (part time).

As a A/V tech i have repaired Tvs, audio HiFi, and cameras for over 20 years. And been mocking around with Social Media, recording and editing since the dial up internet times.

Keep an eye on this website as I slowly rebrand and change my social media presence.


Blessed to be a blessing Gen 12:2

My latest vid:

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