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Who are we? My name is Bazz and I am one of the members of the Adelaide chapter and been with the CMC for 3 years. Although the club has been around for a few decades, we have seen many changes with only one real constant, the one person who has made it all possible. Our national president Con and president of the Adelaide chapter. In addition he owns all the copy right stuff for our patch designs etc. Con been with the CMC for over 10 years now.

It is because of the grace of God and the good relationships Con (Spartacus) has with some if the bigger MCs that we remain one of the few CMC, globally!, that are able to wear a full set of colours proudly in Australia.

Currently the Adelaide chapter is the only South Australian chapter. The last few years have been very hard. I have seen many good guys come and go, simply because they could not live up to our expectations. I guess it is the times we live in, people have become so accustomed to the fast food way of live. We have seen the rise of many many card-box social clubs and mail order patch ‘clubs’. Most of these have no expectations or compulsories… so people have come accustomed to get what they want now. As a old school CMC we do not give into this.

A few years ago, Con gave permission for a second chapter to be started in VIC. They been since thriving and are doing very well. Rumours are that they are about to start a chapter in NSW and a second chapter in SA. Although because of unfortunate reasons I cannot confirm this is the case at this stage. This Pandemic has made it very hard to stay in touch with brothers that live in a different state etc. I am personally looking ahead for times we can all come together as one club in the near future.

What are our expectations? As a full back patch CMC we set ourselves apart from SMCs and M/Ms and therefore we have more expectations than one would expect. Having said that !… compared to MCs our expectations are very low, it is kind of the middle way.

As prospect for the Adelaide Chapter we need you to work hard to build relationships with us. Show up to all our invites, call and text members often, ask us to come for a ride etc etc Obviously you cannot become part of our full patch family if we don’t know you well.

We do not do drugs, discourage swearing, smoking and drinking. To be honest we love to fly under the radar, be low key… So if you want to put yourself out there by street preaching or doing stunts on you bike all the time.. maybe it is better to join an other club…

We are non territorial. And encourage our members to be part of a church community. Although we are very proud of our colours the main things is brotherhood, family and God. Our families come first then our club after that other commitments. It is God through all things our faith in Christ that inspires, equips and encourages us to be the light to all.

We only have 2 compulsory gatherings pert month, church-ride-lunch day and monthly pizza-club meeting-bible study night. In addition sometimes we have happenings that we need you to come too, to support your/our club. In the last few years I only experienced a hand full of extra gatherings that were compulsory, such as funerals, weddings, baptisms.

What are our hopes for the future. I like to create an online international community, we pray and hope for a club house/room that we can call our own.

Churches and Pastors have given us the opportunity to use their property once a month and we are very grateful for that but it is not the same as being able to use a room more permanently. So we can put photos (our story), banners and other decoration on the wall. Organise biker church and open nights.

Thank you for your time…. We need you and like You to join us. If you looking for a CMC that has a lot of history and picks the importance of brotherhood over religion… If you looking for a small but very staunch club.. Men that keep their word and show up when called up on… no excuses.. then join the Adelaide Chapter.. The one true only original Compadres CMC chapter.

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